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Blizzard seems also to publish a new game

PAX East next month's general meeting, in addition to concern PS3 version of Diablo 3, Blizzard seems also to publish a new game from Blizzard use the word in a letter of view, the most likely would beBlizzard All-Star (Blizzard All Star), let us wait and see!

Of course, we can not completely rule out this possibility, new things Blizzard mentioned in this invitation is perhaps the PS version Diablo Diablo 3, such as LOGO elements of style in this invitation earliest is Diablo 3 publicity animation, may indicate that there is a definite relationship between this matter and dark.

A mysterious letter just received in my mailbox, it looks like it has been sent to different websites and media ... I am curious about the inside of what was written?

It starts with the words Blizzard at PAX East Game Show will have something new to share. "We've been doing a little thing, a different thing and our other games ... it's not a sequel, or piece of information or rumors that a new generation of online games, but we hope you like it."

Now we already know the Playstation platform Diablo 3 PAX East to meet with the players, so this letter is to say it - but to be honest I do not think so. It sounds like some kind of something that has never been published, certain and Blizzard did before something completely different.

I guess, I would say Blizzard All-Star. Yes, we have seen it, but Blizzard backwards on its plans, again began to design the things which we have seen on the 2011 BlizzCon. We know that the from battle net World Championship Mike Morhaime interview, after the listing of the Heart of the Swarm, Blizzard's focus will be placed on the launch of the beta version of the Blizzard All-Star. Of course, there may never published before Blizzard pocket of a non-network game. I want to wait until March 22, we know.