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Diablo 3 increase legendary minimap and anti-injury modify

Two appearance changes in the 1.07 patch, a legendary loot prompts, before increasing sound and light beam tips increase in the small map the pentagram icon prompts (as if the size is a bit large), which under thelegend should not miss to

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And other changes about the monster anti injuries affixes, in the new version of the anti-injury will be changed to is periodically take effect: we adjust the mechanism of anti-injury. Anti-injury affixes monster anti-injury Shield will turn on or off. When the shield is shut down, the monster is not anti-injury.Diablo 3 Gold.  The shield is turned on, the monster will harm rebound game content, and now as. Shield obvious visual change, so you can know the monster is on anti-injury. (We also let the pet caused the injury is no longer a rebound to the player).