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Diablo 3 monster poly corpse strange


The world kind of terrible existence. I have the feeling, the fear is in the air. Until one day, I saw a mass of flame roared, sky pierced Tristram. The witness this harbinger of doom, I encountered a serious injury travelers. His dying, just be able to tell me the story about his crippled limbs. The deformity strange that the responsibility for this tragedy called poly corpse strange.

A few months ago, when When I depict skeletons eroded the scene of our continent, I think they are the most serious threat. However, according to this poor traveler said, obviously the skull is far less compared with this new undead.

He was once a local official, a local guard. He continue to be found in the treasure hunt, kind of dark days since outgoing stuff. When the guards digging a large grave, a huge, covered with tentacles and disgusting monster drill from the inside out. Dying traveler described this disgusting monster - or, he called poly corpse strange creatures - it was swollen body by many of the stench of decaying corpses. It's the body of a lot of ugly head, his mouth covered with fangs, also drooling. That was lucky that travelers, but when a group of people came to help him fight against the creature when they are dismayed to find that this monster forces already spread too large and they all work together can not be defeated. In order to save the traveler, heroic battle with the monster. Their heroic sacrifice, and ultimately prevent the monster burst into the village innocent. The traveler is the last survivor. He proudly told me that they have succeeded in eliminating the nausea poly corpse strange. Then he died.

Students due to the pain of the people to the resentment of the people for food. Whenever the corpse casual burial place, poly corpse strange occurs. I have to wonder, if this is God's punishment, and a trial for us cannibalism. But what contributed to these reasons? What is the intensification of these things? Why is this biological fear general zombies and skeletons are completely different?

Some days I truly feel that human extinction is approaching. Obviously our world is already full of is irritability biological, but as human beings, it seems that we have to put up with each dawn appear more tragic news. Mark my words: friend, darkness is coming.

Born "because of the pain of the people, for the food of man's resentment. Whenever the corpse casual burial place, poly corpse strange occurs."