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Escape from Tarkov: The most beneficial tips and tricks for new players

Escape from Tarkov is often a game that tests your survival instinct. We can say that this game is exciting. But you'll need abilities and approaches to attain the knowledge you wish. We commonly recommend utilizing Scav just before making use of PMC. But in the event you ignore essential points, you'll still die in Takov. Hence, this short article will share some tips and tricks to assist you in mastering the game. Our recommendations will be extra meaningful and a lot easier to know.


If you're ready to escape from Tarkov like a professional, please study.


Escape from Tarkov: Tips & Tricks


Start With Partners

Based on experience, you're a lot more likely to escape for anyone who is a duo. In this way, you can be assured of extra protection. At least, when you face the enemy, there will be others looking at you from behind. The ideal part is that you can even play with your friends. You only want to select PMC and the map you need to play. Then select the same period and add another one. As a beginner, your partner will improve your morale and provide necessary assistance when issues become challenging.



Play Custom or Swap Maps First

Many expert players suggest these maps to beginners. Maps are not easy, but at least you can learn faster. Another thing is that you can easily reach the extraction points on these maps. So start with them and improve your capabilities.


But please note that custom maps are also dangerous, especially in specific locations such as dormitories and gas stations. These locations are where experienced players visit cash. So, should you go there, that you are likely to lose your mind? But should you avoid these locations, you can complete the tasks on the map without dying early in the game.



Make Money For Equipment

One of the ways to make Tarkov money in this game is to sell your loot. The good news is that some vendors buy these items from you. But have an understanding of how they work to make the most of them. For example, the therapist will buy all your non-weapon items. Thus, you can sell her dog tags, medicines, mechanical things, food, and even water and profit from them.

On the other hand, skiers buy helmets, armor, and some gun parts. Compared with other products, these two products provide reasonable prices for your products. For that reason, sell them before others to get Escape from Tarkov money for high-end equipment.



Start With Available Guns

There are many weapons to escape from Tarkov. At first, you may be confused about what to use or which to buy from a supplier. But not all guns are suitable for beginners in the beginning. Hence, we recommend that you use the equipment ideal for your Scav and master it in the front. Then, once you find the weapons that suit you, search for them in the raid and add them as secondary weapons.



Keep The Medical Kit Closed

As a beginner, one of the things you should have is usually a medical kit. Two popular ones include survival kits and surgical kits. These items are significant to keep your character healthy and robust. For example, if your limbs die and you'll need to repair them, the survival kit will fix them and make them look new. CMS is also good but not as good as the latter because the limbs will not be optimal. So, don't join the battle without a survival kit or CMS. You don't want to limp to the extraction point.



Understand The Sound

Do you know that the sounds in the game can help you or expose you? This is why every beginner must take time to understand how it works. For example, from aiming a rifle, walking, and even sprinting, almost everything will make a sound that reveals your location. This is why you must avoid flying and stepping on metal.


Also, make sure you stroll, even on the grass, to cover up your footsteps, and always aim at the target to avoid doing so in the audio range. All these measures will enable you to reduce noise. However, you can use the voice of the enemy to find them. All you may need is a gaming headset, which can enable amplify every slight sound they make.




There are many tips and tricks for Escape from Tarkov. But we have chosen the most critical of them to assist you. As a new player in Tarkov, these tips and tricks will help you play the game and reach the extraction point. If you start playing a duo, make money to buy a medicine box, and even manage your voice well, you don't have to die in Takov.