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I think Diablo 3 almost did not give players a tremendous

For the challenge, I'm not saying kill random monster difficulty. The difficulty of challenges means much more than to kill something, or kill them before how many times you need to die. As for this type of challenge, monster strength system is out of step in the right direction.

However, I think Diablo 3 almost did not give players a tremendous sense of satisfaction challenges. Contrast ordinary purgatory difficulty boss battle is a good example. Game skills as a click cast, light keyboard is certainly not a high challenge. Than the the column boss battle is a good skirmish example, because it forces you to concentrate on, only the very precise click action to focus on in order to be successful. From that point on challenges elsewhere in the game almost entirely not exist. diablo 3 gold.

So, what is the solution? Unfortunately, not an easy thing, and I think things are not in the list can be a simple correction. The monster has simply need more challenges, not the kind of game simply based on how much blood the challenge to decide how much damage. Environment can be good for your health cause of non-fatal injuries, the monster has some very obvious skills, if you do not have to avoid, will make your blood directly reduced to 1hp or kill you, let the monsters in a fun to use the timer (such as a periodically summon demons can blast the ball, sphere explosion will issue a Z-beam, a touch of that is dead, you have the ball before the explosion destroyed it).

This is not completely rely on the equipment to be withstood challenges. They do not need to be too difficult, but they certainly will force players to think about re-action, and not completely rely on hit gold / money to get. Equipment always makes things easier, but I definitely do not agree that it allows you to avoid every challenge in the game.

The current situation is that most of the D3 monster skills almost inevitable with quite similar. This type of damage given, would force the players to try every means to avoid forever challenge rather than a fun way to overcome it. Shelling, Molten, lightning, plague ... most people just Zhan Zhuang to play, either hiding too difficult or too time consuming / too inefficient. In addition, a truly challenging obstacles need to give the players match returns. An endless challenge in the game it makes any challenge becomes uninteresting. The challenges are difficult to arrange them interesting and rich diversity, but also to give players return to do.

On the other hand, the specific challenges in the game need to adjust in the team game easier / more interesting, and help to encourage team games. Overcome these challenges with friends is something interesting, do not have this type of challenge in the current game, in addition to the super boss.

Give us some need a lot of demons essence repetitive tasks, and other resources in order to activate it. These tasks may be one person alone can not be completed, but in a team situation is quite simple. Tasks can be a multiple birth, the need to protect something. You can try a person to be the guardian of all the treasures, which is of course possible, but if the team to play is not more interesting? You keep on, I keep a n to fight slipping through the net, OH NO, a n hung up, and quickly make up a trap to save people! The reward is to ensure there is a legend / package or more gems. Well, ask yourself this challenge is not able to inspire you? At the end of this article, I will talk about something more in-depth.