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Neverwinter Best Solo Class for Beginners

New players must get lots of problems on how to progress in a new game, and don't know what is the most effective way to play well. So here are best solo class for newbies. 


Neverwinter Bes Solo Class for Beginners


A GWF for solo play or a GF is recommended. Both can barely die, do loads of dps and can womp through all solo content with basically right or left clicking your mouse a bunch of times. To get one of them, you know loads of dps and such in group content, it would require some rotational and build knowledge, but if your just tooling around for fun. GWF more or less has been a good dps option for about 6 or 7 out of the 10 mods. It is very simple to play: you are a dude/gal with a BFS, go hit things. Your class mechanic is a super mode which makes you attack faster and are immune to CC. GF has been a more recent DPS option for about 4 out of 10 mods. GF requires a little more thought/investment if you want soloing to be a breeze. However, the DPS GF is much tankier than the GWF, but is much slower to compensate.


DC is also suggested as how versatile it is. If you go pure righteous (the buff/debuff paragon) on your way up, you'll have no trouble doing enough damage to solo. You'll also have the distinct pleasure of jumping in to help struggling adventurers you meet along the way (you still have some weak heals, and they are more than enough). At level 70, you get to decide if you want to continue being buff/debuff (full righteous) or if you want to respec into more of a heal/buff build (there are a couple viable, AC/virt more focused on PvE and DO/faith more focused on PvP). The added bonus is that the DC sigil artifact is regarded as one of the best class sigils, and you'll have that unlocked for any future characters you make.


Tank paladin is the easiest and most effective for new players. Once you do level, if you have zero assistance there are simply some of the quest bosses you can't solo on gwf. After being geared up sure, they will smash the house apart. You won't die pre level 70 with it. Once you've reached level 70, you start gearing up, you will have to do a massive amount of dailies to progress, so you are rate limited to the point of being super obnoxiously annoying. Tanks get faster que times, and are more often looked for, if you are a dps looking for a group you will often get passed over for some one in the 3k+ range, because just being honest they will do 400% more damage than you.


By the way, you can choose one you like.