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New Tour Director will act as the Blizzard

Go in a few days ago Jay Wilson give community farewell letter, did not elaborate on that "within the next few weeks, I will leave" Diablo 3 "project and go to Blizzard Entertainment."Blizzard vice president Rob Pardo the article even behind Jay guarantee the majority of players like Jay Blizzard game design in the future. People have speculated that Jay will happen to his Twitter Profile quietly updated, changed to a yet to be announced Blizzard, director of the new game from the previous Diablo 3 game director.

See here, I believe that most of the player's first reaction is "not the Titans!" Does Jay led the team achieved sales of over 10 million copies of the achievements of the Titan project as a successor of the World of Warcraft cash cow, its success or failure will largely affect the development after the Blizzard, and thus choose select one to obtain the largest in the history of commercial success to serve as director of the Titans game is not surprising.Diablo 3 Gold

But in fact, Blizzard certainly more than the company's practices the Titans this planning for the development of the game. Diablo 3, for example, the game was announced in Paris in 2008 WWI, but its development from 0506 began, Jay served Diablo 3 game director then. Possibility The Titan project before all the gossip of view, has developed a considerable period of time, unless the game development is a huge bottleneck, otherwise should not lightly replace the person in charge of the project, thus, Jay served as the Titan project director in fact relatively lower.

Well, this did not announce a new game in the end what is it? Jay's experience point of view, before he enters the Blizzard in Relic produced "Heroes" and "Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War" game, he also served as a's main designer, even before the side interviews also showed that he had just started working for Blizzard had in StarCraft team stayed for some time. The possibility of such a rich RTS game production experience, coupled with speculation on the development cycle, Jay Wilson served as code-named "Blackstone project" Warcraft game director is not low. Diablo 3 Gold. Or, is a new game project?

In any case, I wish him the best of luck and hope that he will really learn from Diablo 3's success or failure in what!