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The auction house is an innovation of the Diablo series

The auction house is an innovation of the Diablo series. Although it is provided to the players a lot of convenience, help maintain economic circulation, some people may think it is the presence of more harm than good for the game. It gives players a platform of unwanted equipment into gold, or a demon hunter he does not need ruby ​​sell then purchase needed Emerald, but the question is: what the auction house to bring players , and from the players claimed?

For some people, the "right" way to play from Daguai become Dunshou auction house, then the game will become better.? We do not think so, but we do not want this to become some other person games where the fun part is to remove from the game, then the next question is how we can re-emphasis on the late game content so players no longer Dunshou the in the auction house, but returned to the game to killing it?, this is a complex issue But we are working on it.

We discuss this issue first surfaced solution is always "Why do not directly delete the entire auction house?" Indeed, direct delete this function can eliminate the harm it brings, but can also cause the auction houses are achieve functionality vacancies. Analogy, we do not want players to feel, and the only other player transactions is to continue to stay in the chat channel scraper "sale items link]" or "Buy the the [best equipment] all day. This is certainly not what we want.

There are also several without removing the auction house and slowly to the solution to the problem, most of the ideas around how to provide more channels to the player so that they find exciting and equipment.

Which one we have discussed the idea of ​​"targeted legendary fall to improve those named NPC drop probability of a particular legendary equipment. For example, the butcher will have a greater chance to drop the butcher hook sickle.

Another solution is to add a new system to help players reduce bad randomness equipment, this system will ensure that the players hit the legendary and rare items, at least part of his career.

We also discussed the first time kill leader every difficulty will fall a legend.

The list goes on, like all design, all the things that are not final. This is just a microcosm of our current efforts and equipment systems, we hope to provide more details closer to to mounting these changes to the game. In the meantime, we'd love to hear your thoughts, as mentioned above, most of the inspiration come from for your feedback.