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The Demon Hunter is the fifth Diablo III class to be revealed

The Demon Hunter is the fifth Diablo III class to be revealed, during Blizzcon 2010. Demon hunter deals the least damage at this time but can attack from the distance evening it up.

Of the five classes the Demon Hunter was introduced as a character built around ranged combat. They can dual-wield crossbows, launch explosives, place traps, and cast shadow magic (which compliments their dark nature). Due to these capabilities, this class is apparently a combination of both the Amazon and Assassin classes from Diablo II.

Blizzard made the Demon Hunter darker than the other classes as they wanted a character that would have a different feel from the others.

Unlike the other four classes, The Demon Hunter uses two resources – the fast-regenerating Hatred (used for offensive skills) and the slow-regenerating Discipline (used for tactical skills and evasion).

The class resource orb is divided in two halves accordingly – the left half (red) represents Hatred and the right half (blue) represents Discipline.

The sister mentioned in the Demon Hunter's intro was named Halissa.