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The Diablo 3 magician 6MP speed brush attack

Diablo 3 magician Raiders:

This article was born reason is mentioned lina big new Raiders the efficiency MP6 need 40Wdps, and for this, I would not object to. 

But I want to append the point is that for low level players need to quickly enhance experience, then you can try to high the MP. 

I dpsbuff 160,000, buff 210000, also counted about 20W. 

Blacks, 1.06 times after learning cents plug you God blacks in play as well as routes flow plus mf value equipment has been used farm low mp. 

Order experience enhance and money income, taking into account the drop.Diablo 3 Gold.

The coincides 1.07 update the experience of high MP addition significantly, so try a high MPfarm.

I as follows: For the reasons for the choice of the high MP 
1. Master inherently mobile speed disadvantage. Even with the transmission Imperial Law brush map or spend a long time in the walk. If you choose a high MP Daguai time to increase the proportion is relatively improve efficiency. 
2. Attack force, there are not only blacks buff Ethiopian defense force, so that a good choice Zhan Zhuang output rather than no brain sweep strange. So low difficulty enhanced defense is a bit of a waste if the monster does not touch you, then. 
3. If blacks cd could ever use for a long time that is wasted. 
4. 1.07 not only makes the experience of high MP increased, but also makes the anti-injury weaken, no vampire weapons blacks playing difficult pressure. 
5. The key off rate (could not help Tucao: how do I feel now the key swap rate change and the demon essence, 6MP also seen a 30% drop ah). 
6. Difficult challenges a sense of fun, is no longer repeat the action without any thinking ...