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The Diablo 3 Valhalas function

According to reliable sources, the Valhalla Diablo 3 expert mode is still in the planning. Nobody will feel the lack of expert mode of the commemoration of the dead role is good news, expert mode, if the role is, unfortunately, died in the course of the game, then the role will be recorded in the souls of the house, and every time we enter the game will see in the character selection screen had to accompany the soul of the role their own battle, and talk to nostalgia and comfort. Bashiok recently on Twitter about this problem, he did not deny the existence of this function, but according to Tai Chi masters say, this function may also make some changes or similar system.

HCXAnth: So what will happen after the death of the role of the expert mode? Still occupied a character field?

Bashiok: ah of course they will be moved to Valhalla (Hall of Fallen Heroes) years.

Expert mode (Hardcore): In this mode, you create roles and the real world, like only one life. If TA unfortunately killed in the game, all the end, the value of your experience, with points, runes, gems, equipment, everything will become a thing of the past. Game in purgatory difficulty (Inferno), so you just kept running around looking for the resurrection body and felt slightly thwarted expert mode must be able to satisfy your masochistic tendencies.Diablo 3 Gold. Think about it, when you spent hundreds of hours reached Purgatory, and then five minutes in the first act never entirely away his beloved role of his life and a hundreds of dollars worth of equipment, what will more than this agony?

Hope that the near future will be able to see the screenshots and details about Valhalla function description.