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The Western realm largest trade center

Desert Pearl Lu high desert in Allah Knox is one of the largest trade center in the Western kingdom. Here is the main city in the second act, Diablo 2. Diablo 3 Gold is still unknown, but it is an important part of the sanctuary.

Even Allah Knox desert, Desert Pearl is still a huge trading port, this is mainly because it is located in the center of the Western kingdom and Cage Stan. Lu high due is a located in the the twin sea of ​​the east side of the large and wealthy city, which flourished in the harsh desert of Allah Nock environment. Proud of the city location and thriving maritime trade so that it is connected to the kingdom of the West and the East. Although a small group of herders can find the road to survival in a murderous desert, but most will still bypass the full wasteland of sand.

Culture and architecture here is very close to the Oriental Arab countries, remote ruins and dungeons in the desert to Egypt, gives the feeling common to mummies and scarab.

Defense: huge cities tend to have a very good defense measures, including fortified walls and well-trained army. However, after the arrival of the Dark Wanderer, many guards were killed, and the remaining were ordered to return to the palace to resist invasion from the mysterious sanctuary (Arcane Sanctuary) devil. Not known, Sudan Wangjie Hai (Jerhyn) ban up here.

Jiehai due the employment graetz (Greiz) and his mercenary forces to defend the city. Him to do well, but eventually failed to get the devil barrier outside the city walls. Luckily, a hero has arrived, successful with the help of the city was freed from the trouble, of course there is the palace internal.

Background: Lu high with several hundred years of prosperity in history, but 20 years ago, contact with Western Kingdom Diablo blocking trade routes through the mountains, the city was more or less cut off. He came here from the the Horadrim dungeon rescue Tal Rasha (Tal Rasha) body detained brothers Baal.

Diablo changed many natural organisms, including cat people (Lacuni), their ferocious attacks of any passing.

The city is Radament torture, it is another demon mummy Horadric Master. Radament taken refuge in the city sewer.

A team of heroes solve crazy mummy using the Horadric Cube to save, in compliance with the instructions of Deckard Cain Hera Dick token, in order to prevent the rescue Baal in Diablo from tarascha tomb. In the process, The Summoner start releasing demons into the palace of Lu high due kill seen. All the trouble of being a hero solves many people are concealing more mysterious than the legendary memory.