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This directly address the presence of the infinite invincible career

Always felt that a successful hunt, not only need to know how to make opponents killed more need to know how to survive under the sinister life insurance.

I do not know if I have friends to play like me practicing DH, never been through any He Xinna old Na all the way to mix and match over. Then Madonna mounted generally very expensive, of course, is now the best is still expensive.

When DPS than other DH Although there is no sense of inferiority, but also feel that their own play very edge special. Is its own feel the heart of a horizontal a balanced faction DH ease after, Do DH must wear Na fitted to DH?

Is it just like a local tyrant without considering the overall blindly heap panel the DPS can truly powerful? How can a role so a single order those special properties exist.diablo 3 gold.

That he was a development route, a completely different Madonna installed routes: to the balanced development of high resistance, high sensitivity, high anti. To the present. The properties panel above nearly 3800 Min, dodge nearly 58%.

In fact, I can then agility heap to 4000 dodge rate raised to 60%, but taking into account a balanced, so I sacrificed a lot of other attributes. Balanced is the premise to work with to let DPS and defense to be a balance. Thought to want to give up the 4000 sensitive to dodge 60% of the extreme. Moreover, nearly 58% dodge and 60% did not make much of a difference.

So, I make a transition bow faction. I've used white on 1285, Min 194, IAS 11, the explosion injured more than 80 with a double dong the Heliconia crossbow. Know the hands crossbow violence. What, then, I transformation bow faction.

Although the panel did not have the the Heliconia crossbow as violent scary, but in reality difficult station line and strange under essentially the same speed. And smooth bow attack speed, but also more secure and efficient. Course, or because of the question of money, or I will try one-handed abuse of disaster, there should be even better feeling.

Now with this body, is the face of 10 the difficulty A2 fan around strange that I can stand in the center of the fan line and turn the keys of the elite and the oasis. The tetrapod Molten Spitfire Elite strange not so horrible. Bit is still a life to die to get rid of it.

I did not expect a edge ideas, accumulated to bring a new gaming experience for me today. I have a new understanding of the role of the hunter, and each hunter has their own style, do not need to imitate most people, you can have new ways. Not only save money, but also do not like the new harvest and new understanding. Life it not so, the work is it not the case.